Speech recognition

New way to
create a tasks and notes

Advanced speech recognition technology makes it easy to create tasks using your voice.

Voice Dictation

Quickly add tasks by speaking naturally.

Automatic Transcription

Your spoken words are accurately converted into text.

Creating tasks and notes with your voice
Speech recognition

How it actually works?

Advanced speech recognition technology makes it easy to create tasks using your voice.


Save 30% of the time to create a task

Anywhere, anytime

Open the Voiset

Hold down the record button and start talking details of the task or note

One action saves your time

You won't miss anything important, take notes from meetings, in the sport or when you're driving.

Voice input of the task description

Take notes on every important thought

Full text description

Don't even miss a word

Everything you say, Voiset converts into structural text

Perfect speech recognition
Voice to text
Voice to text

Always go back to the primary record

The audio is always with you

Turn it on and listen

Don't spend time searching for all the details of the task or your thoughts

Original recording

On work calls, on the go, studying - take notes with your voice and Voiset will automatically create tasks.

AI Notes

Auto-translate speech into 33 languages

Break down language barriers with Voiset's powerful translation feature. Our platform supports translation into 33 languages, allowing you to speak your task or note in one language and instantly receive the description in another.

Use it in your education

Enhanced Collaboration

Working in an international team

Communicate effortlessly with team members around the world,
regardless of language differences.

Auto-translate speech

Smart notes are a quick and easy way to capture your thoughts

Smart Notes is your assistant for every day, anywhere, anytime. Voiset automatically schedules notes into tasks.

1. Open the mobile app

Your phone is always there for you, anywhere and anytime

2. Press the record button and talk

Use voice input so your hands and head are always free.

3. Get a text description

Not comfortable listening to a recording? The text description is always with you.

Free your head from the busyness

Get An App

Optimize your tasks easily


Language barriers

Dictate a task in your language and get instant translation into another language.



Don't miss anything important when deadlines are burning. Anywhere, anytime, keep a balance between work and personal tasks.


Workload distribution

Efficiently distribute tasks among your executives, consider everyone's workload with a smart calendar.