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Let AI simplify the management of your plans.

Boost productivity with an all-in-one platform featuring
AI assistant and automated task planning.

Create tasks by voice!
Say the name of the executor, date and description of the task

A new path to peace of mind

Say goodbye to endless calendars
and chaotic chats, use a new way to be effective.

Calendar and personal task planner
Calendar and personal task planner

More than 100 businesses Voiset helps every day.

Integrate AI into your business processes

You can connect personal and work tasks using workspaces while viewing both the total team workload and personal workload. Voiset automatically collects all your to-do's in one place.

Boost your team's workflow with AI

Work together

Voiset provides all the tools you need to manage complex projects effectively.

Your team always wins.

With AI, Voiset streamlines tasks into a well-planned schedule, freeing you from meticulous planning and deadlines. It also provides detailed time-tracking analytics for enhanced productivity and workflow optimization.

Look at the workload of your coworkers' calendars

Check how much time the team spends on each task

Invite anyone to work together

Attach files to the task

AI Powered Work and Life Planning
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Remove stress from your life with
auto - planning

Always keep track of your current deadlines, the number of completed tasks, and your goals on the mobile app!

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Create notes or tasks and the system will automatically pick the best date and time for you.

Stay focused – never lose a thought.

Smart calendar with AI planning Smart calendar with AI planning

Deadline designation

Skip the deadline only when you're not using Voiset.

Voiset automatically reschedules task deadlines, so you'll never have a stack of overdue tasks.

Task completion time Task completion time
Time tracking

Voiset will show you how much time each employee spends on a task.

AI integration in task management simplifies time tracking. Voiset's intuitive statuses monitor task progress, aiding workload distribution and deadline setting. Voiset generates user reports as visual graphs, enhancing transparency and team performance analysis, optimizing business processes and overall team productivity.

Healthy workload

Smart calendar, all your workload in 1 place.

Do you have tons of projects and lots of team members? Just open a shared calendar and view your total workload so you can make plans in a balanced way and not have force majeure.

Daily calendar Daily calendar

Your team. Your projects.

Always together.